HEXPOL Mexico - Application

The auto industry is one of the largest markets for rubber products and HEXPOL is the industry’s leading supplier of compounded elastomer solutions. HEXPOL has a range of mixing and custom development solutions for automotive applications.

Other industries in Mexico have a bright future as well, such as aerospace, energy, oil & gas, electronics, appliances, mining, construction, footwear, and general industrial applications.

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1. Constant Velocity Joint Boots:

With a full line of performance solutions that are ideal for CVJ boots, HEXPOL offers CR, NBR and EPDM compounds that demonstrate outstanding performance in harsh automotive chassis environments. They stand up to aggressive chemical, dynamic, and thermal challenges.

2. Engine Seals and Mass Air Flow:

To survive the most punishing automotive engine environments, HEXPOL’s durable and highperformance formulations can take the heat. A variety of polymer types, including EPDM, HNBR, and FKM formulations are suitable for multiple engine and engine accessory applications.

3. Engine and Chassis Vibration Mounts:

HEXPOL has a comprehensive portfolio of material solutions to meet increasing performance demands for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) applications. From muffler hangers to engine mounts to vibration dampeners, we can help solve your unique application challenges.

4. Transmission Seals and Gaskets:

From dynamic seals and static gaskets to reinforced hose construction, HEXPOL has the application expertise to develop and recommend high-performance solutions. Whether optimizing existing formulations, or developing custom compounds, we have the right solution for any transmission application.

5. Hydraulic and Radiator Hose:

We have the right mix for all of your under-the-hood hose needs. From EPDM to HNBR, HEXPOL formulations meet the demands of strenuous automotive temperature, chemical, and thermal environments. If your application is oil cooler hose, AC hose, or PVC hose, among many others, we have new formulations to meet your exacting needs based on alloy technology.

6. Turbo Hose/Molded Air Duct:

HEXPOL experience in these types of applications, plus our extensive line of material solutions that include AEM, ACM and FKM enable HEXPOL to meet the stringent requirement of this application.

7. Fuel System Components:

With ever increasing regulatory and performance issues (e.g., zero emissions, bio fuels), HEXPOL is positioned to deliver solutions across all fuel system applications – from direct-fuel contact to vapor exposure. We have experience in using our comprehensive portfolio of materials for applications including o-rings, tube, hose, seals, and gaskets.

8. Wire Harness and Battery Cables:

Abrasion resistance and protection from the environment are critical for wire harness and battery cable insulation. HEXPOL battery cable and wire harness compounds provide color-match capability and high-voltage resistance to help you meet new requirements to withstand temperature and chemical exposure.

9. Brake Parts:

To meet the ever evolving performance specifications requirements for brake parts, HEXPOL has developed a variety of EPDM solutions.

10. Grommets:

From door grommets to spark plug boots and wire insulation, we have you covered. Our experience in all rubber types positions us to help you meet new requirements in temperature and chemical exposure, as well as delivering overall material toughness.

11. Wiper Blades:

Advances in elastomer testing dramatically reduce test variability with reliable and repeatable tests that ensure the NR wiper blade compounds from HEXPOL are of the highest quality

12. Tire and Toll:

Large-volume mixing for tread, retread, sidewall, coating stocks, bead, inner liner, bladder, and white compounding.

13. Exhaust Isolators:

HEXPOL has a wide array of solutions to choose from for exhaust isolators applications. From muffler hangers to vibration dampeners, we will put the right mix together to solve your unique situation and application demands.

14. Door, Trunk, Hood & Window Weatherseals:

HEXPOL’s advanced low-density EPDM and blend-based sponge technology are ideal for the new performance requirements of door weatherseal applications. Our test capabilities provide you with real-time manufacturing product testing for predictive analysis of sponge performance.